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Goal Setting for Grievers: How to Create Healthy Goals for Comfort and Healing

It can be difficult to set goals after suffering a loss. The grieving process is multifaceted and complex, often involving different stages that can be difficult to navigate. On top of that, the outside world doesn't always understand what you're going through and may pressure you to "move on" before you're ready. That's why it's essential to establish realistic, healthy goals that bring you comfort and healing. Here are some suggestions from 3Cs Counseling Center for getting started.

Minding Your Diet and Fitness Levels

When you're grieving, it's easy to let your diet and fitness levels slide. You may not feel like cooking or working out, and that's perfectly normal. However, letting yourself go completely can lead to negative consequences down the road. Instead of letting your health suffer, make it a goal to eat healthily and exercise in this season.

Changing Your Career

It's never too late to change your career path. If you're feeling lost after the death of a loved one, consider exploring a new career path to something more fulfilling. Take time to update your resume and narrow your job search to only positions you think you would enjoy. If you’re looking to edit PDF files online to keep your resume up-to-date, a PDF editor can help. Make the necessary revisions and then save your new file. Don't be afraid to reach out to friends and family for help finding leads or use online resources like to find positions that match your skill set.

Go Back to School

If you feel like you could use an upgrade before re-entering the job market, you could always consider going back to school first. And if the time commitment has you worried, these days the flexibility of online programs means you’re free to learn from home at your own pace, making that business degree you’ve been contemplating more attainable than ever. In fact, you should consider this option if you’ve ever thought about starting your own business as well, since this will give you a big advantage over the competition.

Starting a Business

If you want to take it a step further, consider launching your own business. Though it might feel like the last thing you want to do, a business can provide a place of purpose and focus. Often, taking this step can be essential to healing and recovery. To ensure that the process is healthy and successful, establish realistic expectations for yourself in terms of timeline and goals. Allow yourself the flexibility to adjust depending on stressors such as grief, financial pressures or other important obligations.

As you develop a plan for running your business, carefully consider which structure you choose. An LLC is often ideal for a new entrepreneur as it protects your personal assets and comes with flexibility and tax benefits. If you plan on forming an LLC, you’ll need to complete five steps including appointing a registered agent and applying for an EIN.

Prioritizing Quiet Time

Spending time in solitude can be crucial for grieving. It allows you to focus on your thoughts and feelings, and it provides a sense of comfort and healing. Journaling is therapeutic and can help you healthily work through your grief, as well. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can help organize your thoughts and give you some perspective on what you're going through. You may find it helpful to journal about happy memories with your loved one or write letters (even if you never send them) expressing what you wish you could say to them now.

Wrapping Up

Grieving is hard work, but it doesn't have to be done alone. There are plenty of people who understand what you're going through and want to help however they can. And while there's no "right" way to grieve, there are certain things you can do (and avoid doing) to make the process a little easier on yourself. Consider starting a new career or business, going back to school, prioritize some alone time, and set other health goals that keep you on a solid footing.

If you’re struggling to get back to your old self, 3Cs Counseling Center can help! Call 248.397.5075.


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