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10 Ideas for Your Next Self-Care Sunday

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

All of us deserve a day of the week that we set aside to help our mental health – a self-care day. Self-care is anything you do to focus on your own health and well-being, whether that be engaging in an activity, a deep breathing exercise, taking a few extra minutes to be mindful of your thoughts or socializing with friends. It means different things to different people. Each self-care plan should be personalized to maximize the positive experience of the person who puts it together.

I choose Sundays as my self-care days because it is a perfect reset to the week. Every other day is usually full of to-do lists or social events. Participating in self-care Sunday helps me feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the week ahead.

I practice self-care in multiple ways, and I think it is important to remind folks that self-care isn’t always the pretty, perfect stuff that you see on the internet. Sure, it can be face masks and journaling and taking a bath, but it can also be taking care of chores around the house or finally getting your oil changed in your car. Self-care is meant to be a moment where we can do something for ourselves that we may have been putting off and completing that task or activity leaves us feeling a bit lighter and less weighed down by any stresses and worries we may have. So, if you feel like adding house cleaning or catching up with the laundry to your self-care day, that's totally fine.

Here are 10 ideas for your next self-care day:

1. Go for a walk – any chance to get out in nature is an opportunity to boost your mental health! You can walk alone or take a dog or a friend with you on your outing. Get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and allow yourself to avoid your phone for a little bit.

2. Clean your house – If you are always busy, you know that chores around the house can pile up. Sometimes my to-do list of housework is so long that I am too overwhelmed to face it. Try turning on some of your favorite music and knocking out a few of your chores. You don’t have to do them all at once or even complete everything in one day. Making a dent can make all the difference in the world to your mental health.

3. Read a book – Do you have a laundry list worth of books that you have been meaning to read? Take a few minutes each week to read a book that you have been longing to get into but haven’t had the time.

4. Clean out your closet – There is nothing like a fresh start and what better way to do so than to purge old items in your closest! Go through all of your clothes and decide what you want to keep and what you could sell or donate. A bonus is the joy you will feel when you drop off those donations!

5. Go for a drive – Sometimes we just need some space from everything and everyone. Take some time to hop in your car and go for a drive. You could either just drive around town or pick out a specific destination to visit. Blast some music, roll down the windows down, and breathe in the fresh outside air! You may even decide to stop at a favorite spot or two. Take as much time as you need and only return home once you feel you've filled your cup back up.

6. Visit with a friend – Friends can be great resources for when we are having a hard time (as well as when things are good and we just want to catch up!). You could reconnect with an old friend or set regular dates to meet up with people each week. We all need supports in our corner, and it feels great to be surrounded by those who care about us. Alternatively, you can fill this space with family members who re-energize you. Whoever is on your list of loved ones, may sure to spend some extra time with them.

7. Do some gardening – Studies have shown that gardening and putting our hands in soil can have actual health benefits! Try planting some flowers or doing some much-needed weeding in your garden beds. Vegetable gardens can be particularly rewarding because you'll be able to consume the fruits of your labor and putting together some yummy recipes is another way to engage in creative outlet and take care of yourself.

8. Sit by a fire – Whether you’re out by a campfire or cozied up next to a fireplace, fires tend to make us feel calm and relaxed. Allow yourself some time to relax by a fire, watch the flames and just be still. You might even choose to sip on some tea or hot cocoa.

9. Take a nap – When you’re feeling worn down, getting some extra rest is a must. Even just taking a short ‘power nap’ can help you feel much more energized to take on the day. Remember, it’s okay to relax and rest. You’ll know when your body needs a reset!

10. Practice some yoga – Yoga has the benefits of deep breathing and physical activity all in one. There are tons of free yoga videos on the internet for all levels. You could also go to a yoga class or do some community yoga in the park!

Maybe the idea of taking an entire day for self-care seems a bit daunting (which is ironic, right?) Believe it or not, that’s completely normal. We can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget how to relax. When we finally can, we are fidgety, anxious and agitated. We must retrain the mind and body to allow for R&R every once in a while. Don’t forget that self-care comes in so many forms; you can choose to have some downtime or focus on tasks that you haven’t had time for. Either way, self-care should feel like a fresh start and a chance to reward yourself for all of the hard work that you do every day.


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