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If you'd like to know more about the effects of trauma and how to heal sustainably, check out the resources below.

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Book Dealing with Mental Health Issues

From the battlefields of the Middle East to the minefields of domestic abuse, PTSD has stealthily infiltrated our society for generations. Its impact is deep and complex, affecting everything from relationships to careers, communities, and beyond. 

Book for Narcissistic Abuse

There’s an insidious, secret war going on and it may just be happening inside your home. If your spouse or partner is always right and you’re always wrong, if you’re always the one to blame for a mishap, if you’re never good enough, then you may be at war and not even realize it. Narcissistic abuse is real and potentially life-threatening.

Mental Health Therapist and Psychiatrist

Trauma leaves wounds that can take longer to heal than those that are physical. But it is possible to regain our happiness and find a sense of peace and well-being in the aftermath. 3Cs Counseling can help jumpstart that journey.

- Sara Schwartz, MA, LPC, NCC, CAADC, NPT-C (MBA)

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